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My Weekday Morning Routine

October 31, 2016

Happy Halloween Guys! Before I start this post I’ve got an exciting update to share. I successfully defended my dissertation proposal this past Friday! Now I am officially #ABD (all but dissertation). Put plainly, the only thing standing in between me and my PhD is completing and defending the research I’ve proposed.

Now that I’ve successfully scaled that wall I thought it’d be nice to give you all a better look at what my days, particularly my mornings, look like. I am a creature of habit. I live off of having a routine. I find comfort in them, and they bring a sense of familiarity to what can be pretty unpredictable and chaotic days.

Healthy Morning Routine

Having a morning routine allows me to start off the day on my terms. I am in control. I find that to be such an empowering way to start off my day. Read on to see what my morning routine looks like!

Wake Up: 7:15am

I get up at 7:15 during the weekdays. I use the bathroom, brush my teeth, and change in to my workout clothes. This all takes me somewhere between 10-15 minutes depending on how fast I move.

Workout: 7:30am

Cathe Friedrich Turbo Barre

As you all know I work out from home. The beauty of that is I can be working out within 15 minutes from the time I wake up. I usually decide on what workout I want to do the night before. I like to give myself a couple of options just in case I wake up and I’m not in the mood for a particular workout or my body doesn’t feel up for it. My workouts typically last somewhere between an hour and an hour and a half.

Shower: 8:45/8:50am

Healthy Morning Routine

After my workout I start boiling water for my tea and then I turn on the shower. My showers typically last between 10-15 minutes. They get longer as the temperatures drop. I usually spend the extra time trying to convince myself to get out (which is so hard to do because it feels so warm and cozy)! Once I’m out I go ahead and get dressed for my day.

Breakfast 9:15am

Healthy Breakfast

I try to switch things up with my breakfast, especially during the weekends when I have a little more time, but my standby is Kashi cereal with a granola bar from Trader Joe’s and some type of green or ginger tea. I go this route because it packs a big fiber punch. I find breakfast to be the best time to get a head start on my fiber requirements for the day because there are a lot of high fiber breakfast options. The cereal has about 13 grams of fiber per serving and the granola bar has 9 grams. That means by 10 am I’ve had 22 grams of fiber, which is nearly my daily requirement. Hard to beat.

I make it a point to eat my breakfast with no distractions. I sit down at my dining table with the television off and my phone on the kitchen counter out of arms reach. This gives me a chance to enjoy my breakfast and be mindful. My mindfulness professor would be so proud. I don’t do this for my other meals but one is better than none! Breakfast time is usually 20-25 minutes.

Emails and Writing/Reading: 9:45am

After I’ve had my breakfast and washed the dishes, it’s time to deal with emails. I go through my emails, send out any important ones, and respond to those as needed. Once I’ve caught up with emails I’ll ease into the day’s work by reading a paper on my saved list. I try to read earlier in the day as I’ve learned that I absorb new material best in the morning. If there are no papers that I need to read I’ll work on a section of my proposal. Even though I’ve successfully defended my proposal it is still very much a work in progress. My proposal will eventually become my dissertation so it will continue to transform until I’ve completed the research. I’ll read and/or write for a couple of hours before taking a break right around noon.

So that’s what my mornings look like. I wanted to share this with you all to hopefully encourage those of you who may be in grad school right now to work on creating a routine if you don’t already have one in place. Having this routine was a critical part of my success in passing my comprehensive exams and defending my dissertation proposal. Even on the day of my exams and my defense I largely stuck to this routine (although my wake up time was much earlier).

Your routine doesn’t have to look anything like mine, but it’s important to carve out time for things that are important to you. It’s your way of claiming ownership of your day. Particularly as graduate students, so much of our days can feel like they aren’t ours. We have research obligations, TA duties, special research lectures to attend, or we get roped into reviewing submissions for some conference. By being intentional and deciding that you will make time for things that serve you well, you are claiming ownership of your day. It can also serve to ground you because you have something consistent that you can rely on. I’ll tell you from personal experience when I was studying for comps over the summer that this was reassuring.

In saying all of this, I want to be of more help to those of you who are getting ready to go through that same rite of passage. Over the past few months, I’ve been working on a project that I think will be helpful for those of you who are starting to think about qualifying exam preparations.

This project came about after reflecting on my own comps experience. Earlier this year as I was thinking about comps and my proposal defense, I remember trying to find information on how to effectively prepare for it all. It seemed like such a massive undertaking and I knew that I needed a plan. I looked for books, did some searches online, and talked to quite a few students, but all of that left me with very little practical information on what I should do. Certainly nothing comprehensive (no pun intended). By compiling the information that I did learn and good ol’ trial and error, I developed a system that worked well for me. It helped me study and write effectively without feeling so overwhelmed. I want to share that system from start to finish with you to help make this a much less daunting experience. More to come soon!

For those of you who are headed out tonight, be safe and don’t take candy from strangers. Unless it’s gummy bears – they are delicious:)


Snack Easy Series #6: An Ode to the Sweet Potato

October 24, 2016

Come fall we turn into a nation of diehard, stark raving mad, pumpkin-obsessed fanatics. We’ve got pumpkin spice lattes & mochas, cookies, muffins, bagels, and breads, ice cream, cheesecake, yogurt, and cinnamon rolls. The list is quite literally endless.

But wait. Is there another vegetable that’s like the pumpkin only heartier and much more flavorful. Why yes there is. It’s the sweet potato. And it doesn’t get any shine this time of year. That bothers me. So I’m doing something about it. This snack easy segment is my ode to the sweet potato. Read on my sweet potato loving friends!

Sweet Potato Snacks

Now for those of you who are thinking, “What is she talking about? There are plenty of sweet potato snacks out there,” I beg to differ. Case in point – trying to find snacks for this segment. It was a struggle to say the least. All the while as I’m feverishly scanning the aisles for sweet potato snacks, pumpkin products are nearly falling off the shelves. I did it though. That’s commitment.

Snack: Hi I’m Skinny Superfood Sweet Potato Sticks

Bought at: Fresh Market

Price: $3 (sale price; retail price $4)

Repeat Purchase: Yes

Hi I'm Skinny Superfood Sweet Potato Sticks

I enjoyed these sweet potato sticks. They’re not really sweet or salty but they do have a nice flavor to them. You can definitely detect the sweet potato. One serving is 26 sticks for 140 calories. The fiber and protein are negligible at 1 gram for each in one serving. Overall, I would buy these again (and have) when I want a crunchy snack that’s not very high in calories but tastes good. I wouldn’t buy it often though since it’s otherwise nutritionally neutral.

Snack: Curate Sweet Potato Pecan Pie Bar

Bought at: Target

Price: $5.99

Repeat Purchase: No

Curate Sweet Potato Pecan Pie BarsI was so excited when I saw these bars as I was headed to the checkout at Target. It’s like the heavens opened up. Primarily because, as I mentioned earlier, it was so hard for me to find sweet potato snacks. When I saw these I knew I had to get them. With ingredients like sweet potato, pecans, maple syrup, and cinnamon I thought this would be a shoe in to be my favorite snack of the roundup. I didn’t detect much of any of those flavors though. Also, the texture of the bar seemed tough to me, almost like it was past its prime. I guess when they mentioned “bark” on the packaging they weren’t kidding. Nutritionally, these aren’t bad but i would have expected much more fiber. There are 230 calories per bar with 4 grams of protein and 2 grams of fiber. Considering the taste wasn’t great, nutritionally they’re just okay, and they cost $6 for 4 bars, I’d pass on these.

Snack: Good Health Sweet Chipotle Sweet Potato Kettle Chips

Bought at: TJ Maxx

Price: $1.99

Repeat Purchase: Yes

Good Health Sweet Chipotle Sweet Potato Kettle Chips

These were my favorite snacks in the bunch. I really like the sweet chipotle on these kettle chips. They have a slight BBQ type of smokiness to them that I enjoyed. I also really liked the texture of the chip.  One serving has 150 calories, 2 grams of fiber, and 1 gram of protein so they’re not a super healthy snack but they’re also not unhealthy. They are really tasty though. At a price point of $1.99 I’d buy these again. Similar to the sweet potato sticks though, I wouldn’t buy these as often as I buy some of my other snacks.

Snack: Late July Sweet Potato Multigrain Tortilla Chips

Bought at: Publix

Price: $3 (sale price; retail price: $4)

Repeat Purchase: Yes

Late July Sweet Potato Multigrain Chips

I thought these chips were pretty good. They were nicely salted – not too much, not too little. They’ve got a good flavor on their own but they would also be really good with a dip. I’ve found that with a lot chips it’s easy to keep popping back in the bag for more. Fortunately with these, the denseness you get from the multigrain makes them heartier. That means a single serving is more satisfying than it would be if you were having Doritos or Lays. One serving has 130 calories with 2 grams of fiber and protein. Overall if you’re looking for a heartier and healthier chip, I’d give these a try.

Snack: Kashi Organic Sweet Potato Sunshine Cereal

Bought at: Harris Teeter

Price: $3 (sale price, retail price: $4)

Repeat Purchase: Not any more

Kashi Sweet Potato Sunshine Cereals

Nutritionally this cereal has 190 calories in a one cup serving with 4 grams of fiber and 4 grams of protein. Full disclosure: I’ve bought this cereal many times in the past so I was certain that I’d be recommending it for a repeat purchase. Well as I was taking the pics for this post I popped a couple in my mouth and I noticed something was different. I think Kashi changed the formula and to be honest I’m not really digging it that much. The cereal is just okay to me whereas before I actually quite enjoyed it. Bummer. I’ll be passing on this one from here on out. I’ve got other cereals, some from Kashi, that not only have much more fiber and protein, but also taste better. I’ll stick to those.

Sweet Potato Snacks

So that’s it guys. I discovered a couple extra sweet potato snacks to add to my roster. While some of the snacks I tried turned out to be a let down I still believe in the sweet potato’s ultimate superiority to the pumpkin. I hope you enjoyed this ode to the sweet potato.

In November I’ll continue this ode by sharing not one but two sweet potato recipes. Hope you all have a great week!


2016 NC State Fair

October 20, 2016

NC State Fair 2016

Happy Friday’s Eve, Guys! Today, I’ve got a special post for you. Since I submitted my final proposal last Friday and my defense isn’t until next Friday, I was planning to take a little trip to go apple picking this week. The closest apple orchards are a few hours away so I was going to make a mini trip out of it. I planned to drive up on Wednesday, stay at a cute little B&B for a night, and then go apple picking the next morning. Sounds great, right? Well when I looked into the different orchards I ran into a little problem. No apples! I checked some of their websites and they said that due to the beautiful weather and large crowds coming to pick apples they no longer had apples available for the public to pick. They did note, however, that they were still selling pre-picked apples.


I’m not driving 3+ hours and staying overnight to buy pre-picked apples. I can go a mile up the street and do that. I was bummed but I came up with a pretty awesome backup plan – finally check out the NC state fair. I had never been and this seemed as good a time as any to go.

NC State Fair 2016

Yeah I know. But I tried to do the cute, healthy thing first. Since that didn’t work I moved on to the indulgent, deep-fried thing:)

What did I do at the state fair? I ate, I walked around, and I ate while walking around. Below check out the four things I ate that you’re only going to see at the NC State Fair.

NC State Fair 2016

Blueberry Funnel Cake

Gobblin GourmetGobblin GourmetFirst thing I tried was the Violet Vampire funnel cake from Gobblin’ Gourmet. It’s a blueberry infused funnel cake with powdered sugar, homemade blueberry pie filling, fresh whipped cream, and a white chocolate drizzle.

Violet Vampire Funnel CakeViolet Vampire Funnel Cake

Wowsers right. The funnel cake was $8 which may seem like a lot but it is a “gourmet” funnel cake and it’s big. As I was walking to a table with it, people were literally staring at me like what is that? You could see it in their eyes. Two women stopped me on the way to my seat to ask me what it was and where I got it from. Another women sitting at the table across from me said, “Wow that looks good.” It was a sight for sore eyes. For presentation they get a 9.5. For taste, I’ll give them a 7. It was good but I didn’t taste the white chocolate drizzle and the blueberry pie filling was good but not great.

Bacon Pimiento Egg Roll

NC State Fair

Next up was a bacon pimiento cheeseburger egg roll. While I was happy that the portion size was smaller since I knew there were other things I wanted to try, I wasn’t happy about the $6 price tag. I know that similar to airport food and movie theater food fair food is  expensive, but $6 for a single egg roll seems like a stretch to me.

Bacon Pimiento Cheeseburger EggrollThe egg roll tasted good but I didn’t detect that much of the bacon. For all of the hype and the price I had much higher expectations. Overall I don’t regret trying it but I would not get it again.

Caramel Apple Ice Cream

The best things in life are worth waiting for. No truer words can be said about the 2016 state fair ice cream flavor winner – caramel apple crisp. The line was intimidating.

NC State FairFortunately the folks running it had it going like a well oiled machine, and the wait only ended up being a little under 20 minutes. Boy was it worth it. This was the best thing I ate hands down. It was udderly (get it?!) delicious.

Howling CowCaramel Apple Crisp

It was cinnamon apple pie flavored ice cream with pie pieces and a caramel cinnamon swirl. Wow is all I can say. And for $5 for a very healthy sized portion it was a great deal in my opinion. I wish it was sold in stores. It’s probably for the best that it’s not though.

Caramel Apple CrispIn years past I’ve heard about Howling Cow being one of the highlights of the NC State fair. Come to think of it, in some of the news segments I saw I remember there being long lines so I should have known I’d have to wait. Again it was totally worth it. The guy in front of me was telling me how consistently great it is, and how he and his family always come and get this ice cream. I can see why.

Captain Neill’s Hot Crab Dip

Captain Neil's SeafoodCaptain Neil's SeafoodThis crab dip was the winner of best new food at the fair. When a dish wins an award like that it’s kind of demanding that you try it out to see why. After tasting it I thought it was really good. Award worthy, perhaps in the savory category. Considering the caramel apple ice cream also counted as a new food, I don’t think it beat that out. The dip was $10. Pricey, but again it’s fair food and it has crab in it so it’s to be expected.

Captain Neil's Crab DipCaptain Neil's Crab DipWhen I got back I had a ton of water as well as some of this Kevita Tumeric Ginger kombucha drink. I like the taste of these Kevita drinks when I want an alternative to water that has some fizziness to it. I also like the kick it has with the tumeric and ginger in it.

Kevita Apple Cider Vinegar TonicAfter all that eating you’d think I went to bed that night feeling bloated but surprisingly I didn’t. I realized that I did a few things while I was at the fair that helped. For any of you who are planning to go to the NC state fair or any other fair, I have a few tips for you on how to mitigate any feelings of guilt.

One, be real with yourself. I knew when I was going to the fair that I was going to be eating unhealthy food. The foods I ate had no redeeming qualities aside from being yummy. Since the fair is the place to debut all foods decadent, what I did was plan ahead. Before I went I figured out the foods that I had to try. When I got there I made sure that I tried those foods first.

While I was there, other items caught my attention like bacon smores, krispy kreme burgers, and jalapeno pimiento cheese and bacon hushpuppies with sriracha bang bang sauce. However, I told myself that I needed to try what I came for first and then circle back to those other foods if I still wanted to.

NC State Fair 2016NC State Fair 2016NC State Fair 2016NC State Fair 2016In coming up with my list of foods to try, I prioritized foods that a) I knew I would only see at a state fair (if it was something I felt like I could get a restaurant, or say a specialty candy shop then I passed on it), and b) I would only see at the NC state fair. B was very important. Sure I would have loved to try a red velvet funnel cake but I’ve seen those before. What I hadn’t seen before was a blueberry infused funnel cake.

Two, don’t know where you’re going. If you haven’t been to the NC state fair it’s pretty big. Instead of asking for directions or trying to find a map, I decided to just keep walking until I came across everything naturally. I got to the fair at about 1:15 and left around 4pm. I probably spent a total of 20 minutes seated so I was walking around for ~2.5 hours. It turned out to be a great way to get physical activity in between (and during) bites. It was also a nice way to see more of the fair than I might have otherwise. Had I not taking this approach to wandering I may not have come across a specialty nut stand and purchased a delicious bag of spicy hot honey cashews.

NC State Fair 2016Three, don’t be afraid to throw away food that isn’t amazing. For me I’m really big on just being able to try different foods. If I can find out how something tastes I’m content with only getting a few bites. I only commit myself to finishing food that tastes really good. Think of the space in your belly as prime real estate. It’s limited so you want to reserve that space for the best. While I liked the blueberry funnel cake it wasn’t amazing so I didn’t eat all of it. You want to save room for the things that you’re really going to enjoy. For me this was the ice cream. It was incredibly delicious and I ate every last spoonful.

So those are my tips. By using them I was able to try everything I wanted to try, enjoy the food that was really good, and not feel guilty about any of it. I came, I ate, and I conquered.

Have any of you been to the NC state fair before? What’s the craziest thing you’ve ever eaten at a fair? Tell me below!


Go Gym-less Series!

October 17, 2016

Hi Guys! Happy Monday:) Today is October 17th. This means that my proposal defense is 11 days away, Halloween is 14 days away, and my birthday is 19 days away. I sent my dissertation proposal to my committee this past Friday so I got to relax for a little while this weekend. I made sure to spend the greater part of my Saturday and Sunday outside since the weather was so beautiful. It has been my mission to spend as many waking hours outdoors while the weather is so nice. Thus far I’m doing pretty well:)

Go Gymless

Now let’s talk workouts. As promised in my previous post about working out in an apartment, I’m kicking off a new series called “Go Gym-less.” In this series I’ll be reviewing different workouts that you can do in your own space and on your own time. Each workout I review will be one that I’ve done at least three times. I’ll be addressing a bunch of important stuff like whether the workout is apartment friendly and if I found the instructor to be annoying.

One more thing I’d like to say before jumping into the first review. I’m not anti-gym; I’m pro being active. As a grad student both my time and funds are limited (real talk). Working out from home ensures that I’m consistently active, which is very important to me. For reasons of time, convenience, or preference I know other people out there may feel the same way and I wanted to launch this series to help others find good workouts. And please feel free to share some of your faves below as well! Sharing is caring:)

Now that I’ve spoken my peace, first up is a barre workout. I first got into barre workouts a few years ago when I was looking for a much needed break from some of my high impact plyometric focused workouts. I had heard of barre workouts before and upon looking into them decided to give them a try. I found the workouts to be very challenging but in a different way than what I was used to. I quickly got hooked!

If you haven’t done a barre workout before it’s based on exercises that ballet dancers do at the ballet barre to perfect their posture, work their leg muscles, and strengthen their core. Since it is a strengthening workout you’re relying primarily on your own body weight as resistance, but you may also incorporate equipment like weights, a resistance band, or a small, pilates-type ball.

Cathe Friedrich Turbo Barre Review

Quick & Dirty:

Workout: Cathe Friedrich Low Impact Series Turbo Barre

Areas worked out: total body

Equipment: light resistance band, 5 lb. weights

Length: 74 minutes (seven sections)

  • Warm Up: ~10mins
  • Upper/Lower Body Muscle Endurance: ~11mins
  • Leg Work with Resistance Band: ~6:30mins
  • Ballet Barre Leg Conditioning: ~28mins
  • Floorwork: ~4mins
  • Abs/Core: ~7mins
  • Stretch: ~8mins

Fitness Level: Intermediate to Advanced

Extra Details:

Hardest Part: The barre section is tough. If you’re like me there will be multiple points during this section where your legs are burning but it’s such an amazing feeling when you get to break from it. You feel like a warrior.

Impact: While this is a low impact workout since there aren’t any plyometric or “explosive” types of moves (e.g. burpees), barre work tends to involve a lot of squatting and plies so if you have knee problems you’ll want to ease into these moves.

Noise level: Since this workout doesn’t involve any jumping moves it’s a pretty quiet, apartment friendly workout.

Music: It makes all the difference when I’m working out. If you play the right song when my energy is waning I can sprint harder for an extra 30 seconds, squeeze in a couple more push ups, or knock out a few more squat jumps. That’s the upside. The downside is that music can be annoying and distracting. For this workout the music was pretty neutral. In my book that’s a good thing too. I’d much rather the music fade into the background then it be obnoxious.

Instructor: There are a couple remarks Cathe makes over the course of the workout that might annoy some people. For example, she says something like “I hear you struggling back there and you should be. Everything should be a challenge.” I don’t find this annoying but some people may. She also does this voice change thing in a couple of places. The best way I can think of to describe it is that it sounds like she’s an announcer for some type of school sporting event. This only happens like once or twice during the workout though.

In saying all of that I think Cathe is a great instructor. She gives you a lot of helpful tips throughout the workout about form and ways to challenge yourself. Another thing that’s really big for me in judging an instructor is whether they’re actually doing the workout with you. I find it incredibly annoying when an instructor is telling you to push through a particularly challenging rep but they’re not doing the rep with you. Of course it’s easy for you to yell “push!” Your legs aren’t the ones quivering like it’s below zero degrees outside.

I understand at times they want to indicate what proper form looks like on someone else but there’s a limit. At some point it comes off like a cop out when an instructor keeps excusing themselves to show you proper form. That’s not the case here. Cathe is in it with you all the way. There’s not a single rep that she’s not doing with you. In fact she often ends up doing a couple more sets than the other girls because she’s showing you the next move while they’re still resting. I have a few other workouts by Cathe and I’ve found her to do the same thing. She gets nothing but respect in my book for this.

Stretch: I hate a rushed stretch. You need to take your time doing stretches because your workouts become counterproductive without them. Not only do you get a solid stretch at the end of this workout but you are also stretching throughout the entire workout in between sets. I also really enjoyed the music they played at the dedicated stretch at the end. It was so peaceful and relaxing.

Sweat: If you’re like me then you sweat when you workout. With this one you’ll be at a slight glisten. I quite appreciate a workout where I don’t have to sacrifice intensity or challenge for how much I sweat. Thanks Cathe:)

Dread Factor: This workout has a slightly addictive quality about it which I rarely find myself saying. It’s quite challenging but I really enjoy doing it. Somehow my mind has glossed over the pain of the workout by the time it ends and I’m game to do it again sooner than I would be with other workouts. It definitely helps that the time goes by pretty quickly. Also, what I like to call “the fit crew” that Cathe works with is solid. They’re all upbeat but no one is overly enthusiastic or being extra perky while going through the moves.

So those are my thoughts. Overall I really like this workout and would highly recommend it to anybody looking for a challenging but quiet workout with low dread factor. I purchased this workout from Amazon for $20. If you try it do make sure to let me know your thoughts. Also, like I mentioned above tell me about any home workouts you have that you love? I’m always on the hunt for a new one:)


A Plaid Shirt & Mini Skirt

October 10, 2016

Hi Guys! I hope you had a wonderful weekend. For my fellow Southeasters I hope that Hurricane Matthew wasn’t too devastating for you. We had some strong winds and rain in my area on Saturday, but that was the worst of it. Once Sunday rolled around the weather had completely cleared up. I spoke to my family in SC over the weekend and while they lost power, thankfully everyone’s okay.

Saturday aside, the weather in October has been amazing. Blue skies, a slight breeze, and temps in the high 60s.  This type of weather is perfect for pairing summery bottoms with warmer tops. Enter this leather skirt and plaid shirt.

BCBG Leather Skirt


Now I don’t pull this skirt out often, but when I do watch out! I scored this BCBG skirt from ThreadSence some years ago for around $18. Yep. 100% real leather. Love it. And what goes better with leather than plaid? Nothing. The two make such a dynamite combo. Add in a dark, vampy lip and you have the quintessential fall outfit.


Oh and I almost forgot to tell you that I submitted the second draft of my proposal on Friday! I gave myself a much needed mental break on Saturday and Sunday by having some delicious brick oven jalapeno pimiento cheese pizza and touring a couple million dollar homes. Totally normal right?! Now with the weekend over though it’s back to the grind.

ThreadsenceOutfit Deets: Top: Forever 21, Skirt: ThreadSence, Shoes: Target, Clutch: TJ Maxx

Some of the things on the agenda for this week are: continue to hammer out the methodological details for my proposed research, make any revisions my advisor has requested once I get his feedback, help a friend practice for her orals defense on Friday (which she’s going to smash), and perhaps do a little baking. What’s on your agenda for the week?

Get excited about it!

Grad School Style

Commit to Something and Make it Great

October 4, 2016

Hi Guys! Happy Monday:) I know we’re only three short days into October, but so far the weather has been amazing. Can it be like this year round?? If you’re following me on IG (if you’re not, what are you waiting for?!), then you know that last week’s meeting with my advisor went well. While there were plenty of revisions to make to my proposal, it was nothing major and he reassured me that I’m on track. WHEW. When I tell you I breathed the biggest sigh of relief after our meeting, I mean it.Forever 21 Chambray Dress Forever 21 Chambray Dress A part of the reason I was so stressed out was because I had convinced myself that the idea I had for my dissertation research wasn’t going to work. As a result, I spent a lot of time going down what turned out to be dead end research paths when I could have devoted more time continuing down the path I was already on, and thinking through ways to make my idea work.Forever 21 Chambray DressI needed to commit. It was honestly as simple as that. Once I decided that I was going to bulldoze down this path if necessary, I was able to think through things that I saw as issues before. I was able to strengthen the justification and theoretical foundation for my research. It was kind of remarkable how the anxiety disappeared as a result.Forever 21 Chambray DressDress & Shoes: Forever 21, Bracelet: TJ Maxx, Clutch: TargetForever 21 Chambray DressNeedless to say, I’ve learned a big life lesson in the midst of all of this. Sometimes I can be just a smidge indecisive, but indecision can be paralyzing. You fear taking a misstep so you ultimately end up taking none. There will always be other choices we can make, other leads we can follow, and other ideas to pursue. There’s something empowering though about committing to something, and adopting the mindset that whatever challenges arise you will work around them. Keep that in mind as you go about the rest of your week.Forever 21 Chambray DressCommit to something and make it great!