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Go Gymless with Jessica Smith’s Total Body Balance!

September 18, 2017

Hey Guys. Happy Monday!

I’m still trying to find the right gym to join here in Atlanta. You’d think it’d be easy with there being so many gyms here, but it’s taking a lot longer than I expected. Ideally, I want to find a place that’s within a 5 mile radius of where I live, offers some strength training classes, and is reasonably priced. While I look for that mythical unicorn I’ve been making use of my apartment’s gym which is actually pretty nice, and my fitness DVDs.

I just did one on Saturday by Jessica Smith. Since it’s fresh on my mind I thought I’d do a review of it for this Go Gym-less series. Keep reading to find out my thoughts. Continue Reading


Something New

August 14, 2017

Hey Guys! Happy Monday.

I’m currently in Atlanta apartment hunting (more to come on that later!) but I wanted to share some cool pics with you that I took recently. They inspire me but not for the reasons you’re thinking. Continue Reading


Big Fitness Update!

June 12, 2017

Happy Monday Guys!

At the beginning of the year I told you all about my fitness goals for 2017 here. I started the year off strong with a few different workout classes (Reformer, CrossFit, and Cycling) in January and February. In March and April I incorporated more regular running into my workouts. Well in the past month I’ve kicked things into overdrive by making a drastic change to my fitness regimen. If you watch my stories on Instagram you probably already know what I did. Continue Reading


Go Gymless with Tracey Mallett’s Functional Intensity Training

May 29, 2017

Happy Monday Guys!

Three day weekends are a thing of beauty. I’ve spent mine researching jobs, applying for jobs, and praying for a job (Ha!). But not just any job, the job that God is preparing just for me (or better yet, is preparing me for it). I also did some work for my summer research gig, and picked up brunch to go from this restaurant called Relish in Raleigh that I checked out last weekend. Their food is good!

It’s been a little while since my last Go Gymless post and I couldn’t leave you hanging. Especially not now, since this weekend marks the unofficial start to summer.

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2017: First Fitness Check In

February 27, 2017

Happy Monday Guys!

How was your weekend?

I went to Coldstone again. This time I got the Banana Caramel Crunch. It was delicious. Considering it’s only a mile away from me I could see this potentially becoming a problem ritual.

In more exciting news, I’m so close to finishing coding for my dissertation. Before I began coding I created a schedule to determine how much I would need to get through each day in order to be done by a certain date. I’ve stuck to that schedule so I’ll be done coding as of this Friday. FriYAY for real! After that comes the reliability check, then data cleaning, data analysis, and write up. March is going to be very intense. Pray for me.

This week I wanted to share the progress I’m making on my fitness goals. Last month I shared my fitness goals for 2017, and I’m pleased to report that I’ve already made serious progress on some of them. Particularly, I’ve taken a few workout classes and made use of my apartment’s gym.

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Four-Year “Fit-versary” and 2017 Fitness Goals

January 9, 2017

Hi Guys! Happy Monday:)

We got our first snow of 2017 over the weekend, which means I spent the majority of Saturday and Sunday indoors. I did some cooking (delicious healthy recipe coming your way soon), tried some dulce de leche white chocolate cocoa from World Market (so good!), and continued to chip away at the beast that is my dissertation (eek!). All in all it was a good one. I also ended up getting hooked on the show “This is Us” on USA. I turned there expecting to find a NCIS or SVU marathon, and found a marathon of that instead. I left it on the channel just to have some background noise, and somewhere between episode 2 and 5 they got me. Damn it! I have a small roster of tv dramas that I’m currently watching (The Blacklist, Empire, Scandal, and Lethal Weapon), and I wasn’t prepared to add a new one. Oh well. I really like it. In the series they take you back and forth from past to present. I’ve noticed a lot of my favorite tv dramas do this. It’s like a game of connect the dots.

Now, on to the business of fitness. This month marks my four-year “fit-versary.” Yes, that’s a thing. Since the beginning of January 2013 I have committed to regularly and consistently working out. Three cheers for exercise!

So how have I done it?

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Go Gym-less with Jilian Michaels’ Yoga Inferno

December 12, 2016

Hi Guys. Happy Monday! How was your weekend? Mine was actually pretty nice. I continued to make progress on my dissertation research, and enjoyed a deliciously festive brunch consisting of gingerbread pancakes and some eggnog french toast. I could definitely go for seconds right about now!

We’re finally starting to get some chillier temps here in NC, which I am loving. It’s great for productivity because I just want to bundle up and stay indoors, but it could prove problematic for my exercise habits. Fortunately, I’ve got a solid lineup of indoor workouts thanks to my extensive exercise DVD collection, which brings me to today’s Go Gym-less post. With the temps dropping I want to make sure that you’ve got another great indoor workout in your arsenal to keep the sweat dripping:)

Today we’re talking about Jillian Michael’s Yoga Inferno workout.

Quick & Dirty:

Workout: Jillian Michael’s Yoga Inferno

Areas worked out: total body

Equipment: One of the workouts is weighted. Beginner version calls for no weights and advanced version use 3lbs. (I have a 3 and 5lb weight pictured because I primarily used 5 lbs for the weighted workout but switch to 3 lbs for a couple moves). Other than that there is no equipment

Length: 66 minutes (two, 30-minute workouts)

Fitness Level: Intermediate

Extra Details:

Hardest Part: I find the weighted workout (workout #2) to be the more challenging of the two, but both workouts contain moves that’ll have you feeling like a badass once you’re done with them. You are in plank quite a bit and she has you flow through vinyasas several times throughout both workouts so your arms are getting a lot of love during this one.

Impact: I’d consider this a low impact workout overall since there aren’t any real explosive moves, but there are a couple moves that can be stressful on the joints if you have knee issues (e.g. single leg mountain climbers and jumping lunges). The nice thing is that Jillian does provides modifiers.

Noise level: Jillian describes this as a “yoga hybrid” with the hybrid being yoga and cardio/strength. With that being said there are a few moves where you are jumping (e.g. jumping lunges and squat jumps) but these moves shouldn’t be too noisy, especially if you’re mindful of how you land. When these moves come up though I just move to a different space in my apartment with less sound transfer. Other than these few moves you can be doing this workout and your downstairs neighbor wouldn’t be the wiser.

Music: For this workout I found the music neutral. It felt appropriate and wasn’t distracting so no complaints.

Instructor: Jillian can be a hit or miss for me personality wise depending on the workout. In this one I found her to be totally fine. Her demeanor is much tamer in this one than in some of her other workouts and she’s relatively encouraging throughout. The one thing I will note is that she does move around quite a bit to show you proper form on her fit crew which means she’s not always doing the moves with you.

Stretch: There isn’t a designated stretch at the end of these workouts, since it’s yoga-based and you’re incorporating stretches throughout. There is what I’d call a “guided meditation” at the end where you’re laying on the floor while Jillian’s talking to you but I usually skip it.

Sweat: With this one you’ll definitely be sweating but you won’t be drenched.

Dread Factor: The time goes by pretty quickly in this workout. The moves are challenging but they’re not crazy so I don’t find myself dreading this workout.

Overall I enjoy this workout and would definitely recommend it to those who are looking for a yoga-inspired DVD but with cardio and resistance moves incorporated. I purchased this workout from Amazon for under $10. If you try it (or already have) please tell me what you think!