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June 2017


Time in NC Winding Down?

June 26, 2017

Hey Guys!

How was your weekend? Mine was very productive (read: not relaxing), but I’m not complaining. I’m actually really excited about the project that I was working on. More to come very soon, I promise. To make up for my working weekend, I’m treating myself to lunch today. I’ll be going to Dame’s Chicken and Waffles, which I love. I haven’t been in a while so it’s definitely time to remedy that. Especially considering that my time in North Carolina may be winding down.

My lease ends at the beginning of August so I’ll definitely be moving out of my apartment. However, whether I leave the city and/or state remains to be seen. I’ve been trying not to think about it too much though because thinking about that inevitably means thinking about moving (which is so stressful). After being in this apartment for three years, I’ve amassed a bunch of stuff – more furniture, clothes, and tons of school stuff (textbooks, papers, protocols, etc.). I told myself I’m not going to start worrying about all of that until July, which is this Saturday for those of you keeping track at home. Just a little bit longer in denial. Continue Reading


Curry Chicken Burgers with Green Apples and Fig Goat Cheese

June 19, 2017

Happy Monday Guys!

Curry and apples and goat cheese, oh my! I’m clearly loving this fig goat cheese that I bought from Harris Teeter. I’ve used it in a salad here, and last week I made a snack with it by putting it on some toast with oven roasted cinnamon green apples, and a drizzle of honey. When I buy an item for a recipe, I typically like to have a couple other recipe ideas in mind to make sure the item doesn’t get wasted. Continue Reading


Big Fitness Update!

June 12, 2017

Happy Monday Guys!

At the beginning of the year I told you all about my fitness goals for 2017 here. I started the year off strong with a few different workout classes (Reformer, CrossFit, and Cycling) in January and February. In March and April I incorporated more regular running into my workouts. Well in the past month I’ve kicked things into overdrive by making a drastic change to my fitness regimen. If you watch my stories on Instagram you probably already know what I did. Continue Reading