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Chi in Chi! A Review of the Ivy Hotel

November 20, 2017

Happy Monday Guys! I’m all smiles because Thanksgiving is almost here. I’m really looking forward to spending some quality time with my family (right up until the point where they start to get on my nerves), and of course eating some good food.But before my food coma, I wanted to share the details of my birthday trip to Chicago – Chi in Chi! Get it?! I couldn’t resist lol. This week I’ll be talking about where we stayed and what we did. Continue Reading


New Atlanta Apartment!

August 21, 2017

I found my apartment guys!

And let me tell you it was no small feat. We drove down to Atlanta on Monday and stayed overnight so we could check out more places on Tuesday.  We went to 11 different places in total before I decided on where I would live. As it turns out #11 turned out to be my lucky number.  Continue Reading

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A Cocktail Dress and Chicken Wings

July 26, 2016

When I packed for Clearwater my suitcase was full. I had no intentions of doing any shopping. When my sister met me there she told me she didn’t have a bathing suit. You can’t come to a beach town without one so we ended up at Ross. Long story short, you no where this story is going. I ended up buying two tops, a pair of shorts, a maxi dress, and a really cute cocktail dress for a combined total of about $50. Crazyyyy! In fact I’ve already posted outfit pics of the gray maxi dress.

Together the shorts and the top in these pictures were about $16. You can’t beat those prices.

Clearwater Florida Clearwater Florida Clearwater Florida

The combo was so cute that I opted to wear it instead of one of the other outfits I packed. Clearwater Florida Clearwater Florida Clearwater Florida

I loved wearing this. I’m always down for a little print mixing:) Plus it was super lightweight which was my top priority for anything I wore in Clearwater.

While I loved everything I bought, it definitely presented a challenge when it came time to pack  up my suitcase. You should have seen me at the airport! Between the extra clothes and some of the leftover food, my bags were stuffed. I survived though. With my chicken wings and the new cocktail dress I got at Ross in tow!

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I Spot a Lavender Wall

July 24, 2016

I couldn’t leave Clearwater without finding some colorful wall to take some outfit shots against. As we were driving around town we spotted this beautiful lavender wall. My sis was kind enough to put on her photographer hat and snap some shots:)

Clearwater Florida Clearwater FloridaClearwater Florida Clearwater Florida

Hope you’re having a sunny Sunday wherever you are:)My comprehensive exams are two weeks from tomorrow. Ahhhh! I’m nervous but it’s an excited kind of nervous. I’m feeling pretty good at this stage. There’s still more articles to read and more practice writing sessions to complete, but I feel like I’ll be prepared come August 8th. Pray for me though!

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“Snapchat” Beach Chic in Clearwater

July 22, 2016

I spotted this headband at Walmart in Clearwater and gravitated toward it for some reason. When my sister saw it she said it looks like the Snapchat filter. Now that I’ve finally caved and joined Snapchat (check me out: abitofchi), I must say I agree.

Snapchat Filter

It fit perfectly with my bathing suit and cover up. I loved this look. I felt like the ultimate 70’s beach, flower child. All that was missing was a tambourine:)

Beach Cover Up

Cover up: Nordstrom, Bikini: Asos, Headband: Walmart



It was so relaxing watching the sunset. There was a nice breeze, the temperature was perfect, and there weren’t many people out there at all. It was so hard to pull ourselves away.

Take me back!

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Clearwater Outfit Day 1

July 20, 2016

To say Clearwater was humid would be an understatement! I’ve never done bikram yoga before, but I think I’m much better prepared for it after having gone to Clearwater. The air was dense. Fortunately when I was packing I figured as much and opted for loose, flowy, and breathable clothing.

Clearwater Florida

For the first day I wore this sheer leopard dress that I got from TJ Maxx a few years ago. Usually I wear the dress buttoned up with the belt it came with and a black bodysuit underneath. Well this time I forgot to pack the belt. I didn’t like it buttoned up without the belt, so I opted to leave it open. I ended up loving the look. Happy fashion accident.

Clearwater Florida Clearwater Florida Clearwater Florida Clearwater Florida Clearwater Florida
I felt so beachy!

Check back throughout the week to see what else I wore:)